Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Toy museum and Water fun

Sorry its been awhile since the last post, we have filled up the time mostly by eating and shopping because after all that is what one does in Singapore.

I am really enjoying it here now and starting to find my way around the city fairly well.

We have now eaten most of Singapore's favorite foods but for some reason Satay is becoming hard to track down.
Talking of food Nick and I had our first night out on the weekend and headed out for Chilli Crab, I have to say I was a little underwhelmed by it but every Singaporean I have talked to has said that pepper crab is the thing to eat, so we will try that next, unfortuantlly the silly photos of nick and I wearing bibs and eating crab got lost when our other cameras memory card crashed oh well.......

The photos are from the Toy museum where we took the boys on Saturday please note the photo of Nick looking disapproving in front of the golliwogs (that photo is especially for mum).

We get the keys to our apartment tomorrow but won't move in for a while as nick has to go to Melbourne on the weekend, while he enjoys wine and chesse I plan on eating out at the local parata shop every day with the kids its super cheep and the kids love there Roti.

These photos are from a Mall I took the boys to today which has a water play area so they stripped of and went in there was only one other kid there and as you can see from the pictures she was super cute and was trying to give Henry a bath.There is also one photo of Felix in front of the formula 1 lion.

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