Sunday, September 20, 2009

House-hunting and the Zoo

In the last two days we've looked at 10 different flats, 4 in the same complex. It's a intensely frustrating experience, in part because there seems to be little rhyme or reason in the pricing of places. It's made worse by the very odd agent system in use. You can call a specific agent who will go find places for you and then show you through them, or you can find places yourself (online or in the paper) and then call them up and an agent will still show you round. Most rents seem to be negotiable, so you make an offer and they'll decide based on what they think of you, who signs the lease (you or the company) and how long you want it for.

That said, we have fund a place we liked a lot. It's more expensive than our allowance, but we've made an offer and I'm meeting the owner this evening. It's huge, has a great view and big kitchen etc. I guess we'll find out tomorrow!

In order to break up the monotony of flat hunting, and to stop Felix from losing the plot, we went to the Singapore Zoo. It's a really great zoo to be honest and we took lots of pictures!

We went really early so that a) we could look at apartments in the afternoon and b) we could hopefully se things beflore the heat kicked in.

These orangutans were pretty cool - they live in the trees above the path ways you walk around. Apparently they sometimes come down to where
you are and wander around, but not today.

There were also these awesome white tigers. It wasn't just us who felt more active - the animals did as well!

You can get really close to the annimals in some parts of the zoo. I read some where it was 'no-cage' which is rubbish, but they have minimized it where possible. The lemurs were literally right above us.

Same with this sloth (which sloth?). We joined the zoo which allows us to go anytime we like. You can join the bird park and the night safari as well but that was going to cost all up nearly $500. Anyway, there's some more pictures to show, so I'll stick them in a different post!

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