Monday, September 14, 2009

Our Second Day

Sorry - this post is still without pictures!

I went to work yesterday to sort out some bureaucratic stuff - in order to get my Work Pass and everyone else's Dependent's Passes work needed to do a bunch of application stuff and make an appointment. Without the actual ID cards saying we have the passes we can't open a bank account. Pay day in the 23rd of each month and as a result there's no way we will have a bank account in time either so we'll be getting paid in cash!!! It's all slightly annoying but hopefully these things will just be teething problems.

The other issue is that we need to get finger printed and photographed at the Work Pass Processing Centre before the passes can be issued so we need to go down there. There were no appointments available today and tomorrow I go to Hong Kong for three days so we have to go down at 8.30am on Saturday morning.

Once I got back we headed into town to try to get some essentials and stopped off for Abbie's first outdoor hawker stall experience where we chowed down on some Mee Goreng and Nasi Goreng. It was actually pretty average but it was incredibly cheap. Then more MRT trains and a wander around Raffle's City Shopping Mall. The trip was spectacularly unsuccessful - the big Robinsons department store in Raffle's City only seems to stock big designer lable stuff, not smaller things like beach towels and woks.

Felix is obsessed with fountains - I hadn't thought of it before but Melbourne doesn't really have fountains anymore due to the drought so he wants to spend endless time watching jets of water shoot into the air and gets pretty grumpy if we go past a fountain without stopping to let him watch. Henry on the other hand is just a bit grumpy - he didn't sleep in the pram yesterday afternoon so he was just hot and tired. The lesson we're learning is that we can't just blast around all day - it's too hot and Henry and Felix both fall apart (as do we!)

Everything was made better by coming home for a swim and some dinner. Today we're off to Ikea (groan) to see what we can get in the way of cooking utensils etc. And then we need to find a flat...

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  1. Hey guys! Glad to see that you've all made it and are starting to work out the joys of moving to a new city. Boo to broken air con units! Hope the flat hunting is fun and that you work out how to buy food from supermarkets soon! Give the boys big hugs and showers of kisses from me.

    Love to all of you!