Thursday, September 17, 2009

malls and coffee

So Nick has been in Hong Kong for the last few days leaving us here to explore by ourselves, so we did what everyone else seems to do in Singapore and went to the mall, 2 malls in fact the first which is the largest in Singapore and that is really saying something, this mall has a great playground and a coffee shop overlooking Sentosa island, also dangerously it has a Ben and Jerry's ice cream shop, which we gave a wide berth too.

the second mall is mainly a expat hangout which gave the boys a break from being swamped with attention it is also where Felix will be starting Kinder music next week.

I have had to drink Starbucks all week and apart from the fact its to weak and to large it has been feeding the caffeine addiction

Today we are off to look at some condos with a new agent as the first agent was a bit of a dud I am looking forward to seeing whats available I only help that my boys are well behaved, as we are being driven around by the agent.

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