Thursday, September 24, 2009


The last few days have gone pretty quickly it feels like we have been here for ages not almost 2 weeks, the homesickness is starting to really kick in, so in a effort to get over it I have made a effort to make some new friends and set up some routine for me and the boys, first stop was music class for Felix which he really enjoyed, the format is that I drop him off for 30Min's and then I come back for the last 15 Min's so it means he gets some time off and so do I.

We also joined the Australia New Zealand Association (ANZA) which put us in touch with a playgroup which we attended today, both the boys loved it and I got to have my first flat white since we moved here.
The playgroup is held at a indoor playground, we got there a little early and it had not opened yet so while we were waiting outside I got talking to one of the other mothers and it turns out, that her husband was someone Nick went to school with that and he had been in contact with on Facebook but we had not caught up with.

I also got the number of another women who has just moved here so we can catch up during the week all and all a productive trip to playgroup.

I have also just discovered Muji thanks to Lily and I am totally smitten with this shop and went a little crazy today on my first in store visit

Tonight we have a babysitter and we are off to Jumbo Seafood on the east coast for what we have heard is the best chili and pepper crab in Singapore.

Singapore is awesome its just a shame I miss everyone at home so much and especially coffee at North Island can some one please tell Matt me and Felix miss him, and Felix keeps telling me that the muffins here are nice but Matt's are better.

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  1. ahhh Muji : ) the website is bad enough, I can imagine the store would be a money sucker! They have the most adorable wooden blocks in the shapes of different city landmarks, they're my fave : )
    PS: cant figure out how to change my comment name, but this is from Jo (and Steve) xx