Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Hyper marts and Ikea

Today we had our most relaxing day so far and believe it or not we went to ikea and a hypermart,
I never thought I would say I enjoyed Ikea or that I would drink coffee with creamer in it but today was a day of firsts! Ikea was made even better by Felix being able to play and Henry crawling up to complete strangers and giving them cuddles, he is definitely a hit here.
As for the hypermart it was just a really big supermarket meets Kmart but a bit more random and you could buy steamed buns in the middle of it.
The boys were a lot more settled today although Felix had a melt down and fell asleep on me on the bus and I had to carry him for about 45 minutes while we set up bank accounts etc which does not sound to bad in to you factor in the heat and humidity
Hopefully on the weekend we will get to do some of the really fun stuff like the Zoo or little India.
Nick goes away tomorrow and there a thunderstorms forecast so don't think we will be venturing out to far, house hunting starts for me and the kids on Thursday.

The definite highlight for us so far has been the Indian restaurant across the road it is so good and so dangerously close.

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  1. Yay you made it! I'm jealous of all the food.What you should do is just eat that indian food twice a day and in a week you won't want to know about it any more. Glad Henry is making friends with stangers and felix is making friends with fountains. xx