Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Asian civilistaions museum and lost cardis

So I figured it was time the boys and I tackled the MRT into the city to do some tourist spots before we got settled into daily life, so We caught the bus and 2 trains into the city, and found a new cafe with good bread and ok coffee (well at least it was fair trade)at Raffles Place, and then Made our way over to The Asian civilaisations museum ont he way felix took this rather random photo of a guy with a banana on his head.

The museum was pretty cool although we did have limited time as Henry got bored, it held Felixs interest though and I had to promise we would go back.

We had a picnic next to the river and this is where the day started going down hill first I got hustled by a Buddhist for a prayer card and then lost my favorite cardie,although we did get to wave at the boats going past and the kids really enjoyed running around in the city.

On the way home in a fluster I jumped on the train heading the wrong way but we managed to correct that and get home easily and in time for a swim. I did manage to get a little sunburned and scare a few people with all my Tattoos because of not having the cardie, but I think overall it was a successful trip and the MRT is easy to use even with having to change trains etc.

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  1. Felix is a good photographer. And who wouldn't want a photo of a guy with a banana on his head??