Saturday, September 12, 2009

In Singapore...

After a very long day, beginining with sick children and slight hangovers and ending with a long flight, we finally arrived at our serviced apartment to about 10.30pm Singapore time. The kids flew pretty well considering and we all felt sorry for the woman next to us who was taking her 15 month old all the way to Heathrow solo.

The apartment is fine, but certainly not designed to make us want to stay here longer than necesary. Apart from anything else, the aircon in the main room is broken which can only add to our rapid aclimatisation.

Henry seems to magically know what time it is regardless of time zone - 5am is when he wakes up. So I'm hanging out with him while Felix and Abbie try to catch up on some much needed sleep. Today is our only 'free' day before I head off to Hong Kong for two nights so we'll try to do soemthing fun in addition to supermarket shopping etc.

Pictures of empty houses and the like to come soon!

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