Thursday, October 29, 2009

Milestones thunderstorms and mutants

This week signaled a couple of Milestones for Felix ,
First he got his first MRT card (Public transport) this is a pretty big deal as he has to be a certain height and he has finally had a growth spurt as you can see from the photo he is pretty proud of his card and has been showing everyone on the train it.

His second achievement is also related to him growing a bit taller he is now tall enough to pee in the toilet! He is very proud of himself for both achievements!

Felix has also started to make friends around the condo, yesterday he asked one of the girls if she wanted to race on there scooters she then asked him if he wanted to join there club, very cute, he maybe the mascot however as they are all around 10-12 years old.

This post was interrupted by a massive thunderstorm, these are very common here but I must admit this one scarred me we are in a valley and on the top floor so it seems even louder up here, also there was a deafening noise that made me and Felix jump, which may have been one of the nearby buildings being hit which has happened twice now this month.

The picture of Henry is the only time this week he has not been screaming he is currently getting his molars and he is suffering with them he is not at all his usual charming self, I think this photo shows he has grown up a bit not as chubby now just solid!

The last photo is a little hard to make out sorry but it was the best shot I could get.
It is of a massive coi it is about as long as Felix is tall and very creepy it could be a extra in a sci fi film about mutant aquatics, however despite its grotesque size giving me the willies we visit it once a week after playgroup.

Thats all for now hopefully I will have some more food photos soon

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  1. cute i looks like felix has a speech bubble hee hee