Monday, October 5, 2009

Royal Prata cafe

The Royal Prata Cafe is just around the corner from where we have been staying we only tried it last week but have been back 3 times since, today I was luckily enough to try the Mutton Briyani before it sold out, and having tried it I can see why they never have any left when we go in the evening it is AMAZING, and only $4.50!
The kids love this place and it is very cheap, today we had 3 drinks, the Briyani, a bag of Poppadoms, a Chocolate Prata (I would not recommend this) and a tissue Prata all for $13.

They make a lime juice which is very common in Singapore which helps to combat the heat, and today I also tried the Teh Tarik ,which means pulled tea, its a mix of strong tea, condensed milk, and sugar which is poured rather spectacularly from one cup to another to aerate and cool it. As the ingredients suggest it is very sweet and strong but goes perfectly with spicy food.
The boys are very popular here and today we had all the guys who were working come out to see us, which is fantastic for keeping Henry occupied when he is Hungary.

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