Monday, October 26, 2009

life in Singapore

We are now settling into a bit of routine Felix has a regular music class and we are looking at kindergardens for next year. the snaps here are just some cute ones of the kids that I thought people may enjoy, As you can see from the picture of Henry he was very tired today, hes making up for lost time growing all his teeth at once and has not been sleeping super well, for once he is not the most smiley kid in Singapore.

I have had a little time off lately from the kids and have managed to find a good hairdresser on the first recommendation that I was given, I have not been so lucky with the myattempts at finding a waxer and a place to get my eyebrows done, with the result of my brows looking a little like Bert's from Sesame street.
I won't post a picture as I do not want to have the image following me a round cyber space.

Apart from that we have been getting on with life and starting Christmas shopping, and what must be a world record Singapore already has its decorations up!

Stay tuned for Halloween snaps.

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