Monday, October 19, 2009

Quick update

Hi all,
Sorry no photos on this post, but it has been a while and I thought I was endanger of being one of those bloggers who starts off with a blaze and then fizzes out to nothing. (see my last blog oldschoolnappies which had 1 post)

So I guess what s new has been that we have moved into our apartment, this has been a roller coaster of emotions.
Having all our things back has meant that we have all felt a lot more settled especially the boys as they have toys to play with and we are not going out all the time so we don't go crazy in the serviced apartment, also moving into our permanent place means we can start to do things like look for a kindergarten for Felix and have people over.
The down side is that it means we are in fact staying don't get me wrong Singapore is fantastic but it just needs a few good friends added.
We are also well and truly out of holiday mode with the everyday drudgery of dishes and sweeping (with all tiled floors its all I do) setting in.
We have also made some Friends who live not to far away which sweetens the deal some what.
Fitted in around the trips to Ikea and unpacking boxes we have managed to do some fun stuff to we took the boys to see the lights for Depavali in Little India which were fantastic we had dinner at a Kashmir restaurant which was OK but I don't think we will be rushing back .

We also had dinner at the local Canadian themed pub which is very close to where we live which was interesting and made me slightly nostalgic for my childhood.

Well that's enough I will try to include some photos net time as I know if I was reading this I would only look at the pictures anyway.

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