Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Well it has been a a while since I have blogged (and even longer since Nick has) so I thought it was time I jotted a few things down

We have been fairly busy the last few weeks finding a preschool for Felix, exploring and of course eating.

Firstly I think I have found my new favorite lunch food its pork buns its very simply pork in a very Moorish sauce served in steamed bun with a bit of Chinese parsley (coriander) it is the best sandwich I have had!

We have been busy this week preparing for our Australasian tour, trying to do Christmas shopping etc, So today the boys and I headed to Chinatown, we stuck to the department stores and shopping centres as it very hot outside today and the kids tend to wilt.
Chinatown is like everyone imagines it to be filled with everything that is Chinese!
Henry of course was very popular once again with people posing to take photos with him.
I also could not help but buy the kids a few things as the clothes down here are so much cheaper than along Orchard road

On the weekend we made it to the Singapore Science centre with some friends and it was fantastic!
The highlight was shared between the Tesla coil (nicks favorite) and the waterworks exhibit which the children can play in, I am glad we got pre warning about this part, as we took togs for the boys and Nick, unfortunately I didn't take a change of clothes and through my own stupidity got absolutely drenched.
there were many exhibits we didn't see but we will purchase a membership next year as the centre was a winner.

I think that is about all I have time for right now I will try to follow this up with some photos soon also my new coffee machine arrives Friday so I am sure I will post many a photo and bore you all with my quest to make the best coffee I can on a domestic machine!

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