Thursday, November 12, 2009

tourists stuff and crabs

The following photos are taken around Clarke Quay which is very much at the tourist end of town but also where you can get really good Chili Crab, we know because we ate it twice this week!
Felix is holding hands with Matilda, who is town for few days with her folks Laura and Simon.
Felix and Matilda have not seen each over since Felix was 1 and Matilda was 6months but soon bonded over jumping in puddles!

In other news this week Felix lost his boy (which to you that don't know was his toy he has had since he was a baby) this was a hard loss but hes doing OK now.

Currently I am looking out the window at the fog of smoke that has risen up, it is from the spraying they do for mosquito's luckily I got the washing in off the balcony and closed the door just in time before we got fumigated.

Tonight we are off to see the Christmas lights on Orchard road (yes in November).

I was just hanging nicks shirts up to dry on the bamboo racks out the back and didn't hear the sprayer coming I am now mosquito free and feeling a bit teary.


  1. It was lovely to see you all! Thanks for having us over for dinner - definitely some of the best chicken rice I have tasted. I hope Singapore is going well for you - we are still trying to work out a plan on how we can get there too! xo