Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Some randon pictures

This sign sums up Singapore, but is currently displayed at our condo as they are ripping up the tiles and putting new ones down.

Yes the leaf is almost as big as Felix! the tree is only small though very odd.

I put this in cos Henry is cute!
The funny story of Pikachu's big adventure:

Felix was given a Pikachu by one of the cleaning staff at his friend Georges condo, when we were in the lift going to Georges house for the first time, In the excitement of being in a new house with lots of cool toys Felix left Pikachu behind.
George held onto Pikachu till we came back to visit, he was very excited that Felix would have him back and Felix was also very excited about having Pikachu once again,
Pikachu spent the next few days with Felix, watching him eat and sleep, playing and attending music classes, then tragedy struck on a rather wet day we were running down the drive to catch the shuttle bus, to meet Nick for dinner when Pikachu slipped out of Felix's hand and down into a storm drain!
Now call me a chicken but I was not keen to put my hand into a drain in Singapore and not just because it was raining.
Felix was very upset he cried all the way to dinner and the only thing he really could say was "I have to tell George"
One week later the whole family was walking down the drive to go out to the science centre I noticed that the drain covers were off and jokingly said I wonder if Pikachu is still there, Nick looked and there he was just out of reach, Nick heroically borrowed a broom from the guards house and attempted a rescue, 5 minutes and a scrapped knee later,Pikachu was safely back with a very happy Felix.
Once at the Science centre Pikachu was carefully washed and dried and we all got on with enjoying ourselves.....but then as we were waiting for the bus Felix asked if I had Pikachu and of course he was no where to be found, the lesson to be learnt here is of course is easy come easy go!

oh the picture above is of a replacement Pikachu!
Felix the punk

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  1. whoo better watch out for the caterpiller that comes with that leaf!